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Welcome to CI-Strategy!

We specialize in

  • Competitive Intelligence education and training
  • Business war gaming facilitation
  • CI-based scenario analysis and planning projects
  • Competitive Intelligence consulting

New to Competitive Intelligence?


  • what CI is... and what it is not
  • why CI is important for you
  • how CI helps you gain competitive advantage
  • what CI is interested in, a CI glossary, and more...

just follow the eyes.

How may we help you?

  • Introductory seminars
  • In-depth workshops for practitioners
  • Targeted and customized presentations

Here is what you need for your company's
CI education and training across all management levels.

  • Organizing strategic simulations
  • Assistance with CI analysis
  • Help in creating your own CI operation

Find a CI consulting solution that is right for you.

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We organize public and in-house courses, presented in English or French.

In order to best respond to customer demand, public courses may be scheduled continuously.

Please let us know what courses you are interested in.
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CI Snippets

CI divorced from strategy is worth less.

CI is interested in the irritants, stimulants, temptations, and dangers that your company is exposed to.

CI is a unique business in that you
must think differently than the "party line".

CI analysis is non-complacent, does not avoid unpleasant conclusions for your company and is not performed with compromise or consensus in mind.

The most important "tool" in CI is human ability. It is skill, wit, experience, imagination and creative thinking that produce illumination from shreds of data.

You must assume
everybody has access to all the available information. The difference is in the analysis.

Check overconfidence at the door. And a small dose of paranoia may be prudent.

This might interest you...

One hardly notices, but stories in the business press apparently unrelated to CI, abound. Find out why these stories do interest us and how they link to CI.

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